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Amazon Sellers - Finally! A Virtual Assistant Company Has Arrived That Knows And Understand’s All Areas of Amazon OUT OF THE BOX!

We Will Provide You With Everything You Need To Grow Your Business Using Our Proven Methods

  • Are you selling on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, or e-commerce in general and driving yourself and your employees into the ground with tedious work that you shouldn't be doing in the first place?
  • ​Are you paying high salaries to employees that are stuck working on lower-level tasks and not using their full capability to grow your business?
  • ​Does your online business feel like it's stuck without structure or processes in place to move you forward?
  • ​Have you tried to use a Virtual Assistant in the past for Amazon and found they had literally no clue what they were doing and no REAL working knowledge of Amazon?
  • ​Would you like to have a drama-free employees working 40 hours a week for you under one roof with REAL management, SOP’s, and training?
  • ​Are you reliant on employees that work from your office? 
​If you answered YES to any of these questions (which I know you did) do yourself a favor and book a free no obligation call with us to learn more. There is NO pushy sales pitch, we will show you how our company works and how we have been able to run two 8-figure businesses on Amazon without burning out. 

Take it From Us.

My name is Derek James, and I am a REAL Amazon Seller. We work with other established sellers, they utilize my Virtual Assistant's to take ALL the heavy lifting off their plate so they can focus on growth. I have been able to scale to over $35 MILLION a year on Amazon and other E-commerce channels using this same model, it is so incredibly powerful, yet simple!

If You're Not Delegating, You're Leaving Money On The Table!

What is the benefit of a Virtual Assistant?

Utilizing a skilled Virtual Assistant is the most affordable and quickest way to take tasks off your plate, allowing you or your team to take your business to the next level. It’s estimated that a Virtual Assistant can save 78% on operating costs per year. VA’s don’t require you to buy equipment, workspace, pay for recruitment or long-term training – and they’re more productive!

Who needs a Virtual Assistant?

ANY business, I repeat, ANY business on earth will benefit from a Virtual Assistant. On a daily basis, the amount of tasks the average high level employee performs on a daily basis is mind-blowing. With our formula, we help break this down and off-load it, allowing your company to focus on growth!

How does it work?

Once you submit your information we do a FREE 30-minute deep dive call to see if you are a fit. You’ll get a plan based upon our initial interview and onboarding process. Our Virtual Assistants are standing by ready to take on any areas that you would like extra support. Gain freedom back by delegating the areas that are bogging you down.

What does this program do?

Our Virtual Assistant program drastically reduces labor cost, increases productivity, increases flexibility, improves work quality, reduces the risk in scaling operations and get skills your business needs. We use AI onboarding to match you with a VA on our team based on your needs and their skill sets.

Will it work for me?

YES. It will work for any online business owner, executive, or employee that follows our proven model. We have hundreds of success stories of eCommerce businesses that are thriving using our Virtual Assistants.

How long does it take to get started?

The program is designed to get the business onboarded in under two weeks. From the moment you sign up, in approximately 24 hours, you are on your first face-to-face Zoom call with your VA and Team Lead. Plus, you can choose to continue or cancel at any time. It is totally up to you. We are certain you will find this life-changing for your company which is why we have no contracts or crazy fees associated.

Just A Few Of Our 100+ Reviews...

Our clients aren't just satisfied, they are running successful, profitable businesses!
Our clients range from $30k/month in sales ALL the way up to $14 Million/month!

Nicole, CEO of Darn Good Yarn on her amazing results with VA Relief. 
Raz, Serial Entrepreneur / Founder and CEO of 10PM Curfew recommends VA Relief for those needing additional resources for their business. 

Here’s A Small Portion Of What Our Dedicated And Highly-Trained 
Virtual Assistants Can Do For Your Amazon/Online Business…

  • Listing Creation, Changes and Monitoring
  • ​Creation of Feed File To Update Listing Details
  • Answering Customer Messages and Emails
  • ​Customer Support Voice Calls 
  • ​​Commenting On Reviews and Seller Feedback
  • Negative Review and Feedback Tracking 
  • ​Maintain Order Database
  • ​Processing Replacement Items and Follow-Up With Customer
  • Catalog Research
  • ​Dealing With Refund & Return Cases
  • Auditing/Report Creation for Returns
  • ​Managing FBA Inventory 
  • ​Creation of Shipping Labels
  • ​FBA Shipment Reconciliation
  • FBA Reimbursement Management
  • Creation of Removal/Disposal Orders
  • Monthly Storage Fee Report
  • ​Storage Management
  • Coordinate with Warehousing/Suppliers
  • ​Sending Cease and Desist Email to Other Sellers
  • ​Competitor Analysis
  • ​Keyword Research
  • ​Inventory Forecasting
  • ​Logistics Management
  • ​Monitoring Inventory Performance Index/Account Health
  • Working with Seller Support & Managing Support Case Log
  • ​Monitoring Performance Notifications
  • Preparing Daily Sales Reports
  • ​Running Deals
  • ​and MUCH MORE!

and that is just the tip of the iceberg...we do SO MUCH MORE!

More Testimonials From Happy Clients…

Real Life Results. No BS

But, I don't know if this will work for my business...

This mindset is stopping you from building the resources your company needs to be able to grow. We have found through our own years of experience and feedback from countless clients that significantly more daily tasks are trainable than most businesses initially think. Our proven method helps break down those barriers, and teaches our clients to fully utilize their VA for max productivity. 

We encourage you to chat with us, at worst you will learn something, at best YOU WILL GROW!

Here’s what the call covers:
  • First and Foremost, we go in-depth how we do it so you leave the call with a full working knowledge of our services.
  • We cover how to properly utilize our Virtual Assistants and how we onboard you.
  • ​The advantages of having our VA's to accomplish the tasks necessary to run an online business that are bogging you down.
  • ​(MOST IMPORTANT) How a well-trained virtual assistant can 20x your time and ability to GROW!

I've tried a Virtual Assistant in the past...

We're 100% positive this experience will be different. There is no hard sell here, and there are no contracts. You can stop the service at any time. We built this business to help you grow yours!

If you are looking to get your valuable time back so you can continue growing your online business, we are the answer to your pain points.

Click the button below and we guarantee it will be the best decision you've ever made for your business. Worst case scenario you learn something, BEST case scenario you GROW!

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